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Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations...

Matthew 28:19 NKJV

Church of God (Seventh Day) Australia

Selected short gospel videos streaming in Youtube formats

Church of God (Seventh Day)

By Faith They Overcame

An exploration of the power of enduring faith in overcoming all challenges.

24 min.

That You May Believe

Pastor Phil Kordahi recounts four of Jesus' miracles as recorded in John's testimony so that we may believe! 29 min.

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The Commands of Christ

Pastor Phil Kordahi explores our obedience to Jesus Christ. 12 min.

Messageweek Media Ministries

Lord's Supper Home Service

As a result of the COVID-19 virus restrictions, we've produced this video to assist and guide those who might be contemplating facilitating the Lord's Supper service in their own home. 10 min.

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The Lord's Supper

Commemorating, celebrating and proclaiming Jesus Christ until he comes, the Lord's Supper service is deep with meaning and significance for those remembering the terms of their new covenant life in Jesus. 2 min.

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Dedication of the Children

Share in this special moment of dedication, with prayer and a song of blessing, based on Jesus' words, "Let the little children come to Me". 6 min.

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Committed to Discipleship

Sermon titled "Committed to Discipleship" shared by Pastor David Kidd during the Australian General Conference of the Church of God (Seventh Day) January 2020  40 min.

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Radio Ministry

Working actively to share the gospel in the local community, the Church of God (Seventh Day) in Mindanao, Philippines, owns and operates a radio station. We spoke with a few people involved in this ministry. 19 min.

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Ministry in Myanmar

While recently visiting several of our churches in Myanmar, International Ministerial Congress Executive Director Bryan Cleeton interviewed one of the widows a local church is assisting. 20 min.

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Conversations with
Robert Coulter

Elder Robert Coulter reflects on his life and ministry in the pioneering work of the International Ministerial Congress, Church of God (Seventh Day), as interviewed by John Klassek. 25 min.

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IMC Annual Sabbath 2019

Celebrating God's good work around the world amidst different cultures, languages and ethnicity, yet proclaiming the one LORD, one faith, one gospel and one hope. 3 min.

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Commemorating, celebrating and proclaiming Jesus Christ, again this year at the Lord's Supper.
2 min.

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Conversation with Phil Kordahi, Pastor and IMC Zone 6 Representative, discussing ministry throughout the Pacific Rim.
13 min.

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Pastor Hector Renderos, during a recent visit to Australia, discusses life and ministry with IMC Secretary John Klassek. 14 min.

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Before we can teach gratitude, we must live it, giving thanks to God in Jesus' name in all we say and do. Our children's future depends on this grace! 2 min excerpt. See full sermon.

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As ambassadors for Christ, we speak only his words on his authority and reflect a reconciling grace here on earth - even as it is in heaven. 4 min.

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The Word of the LORD

The power of the Word of the LORD, spoken at creation, thundered at Sinai, personified in Christ, written into our hearts, and promised at resurrection. 2 min.

These and many more gospel videos are available at Messageweek Media Ministries.