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Receive Jesus

Where are you in the journey from "unbelief" to "empowerment"? (17 min)

Born Again

Jesus taught the need for spiritual transformation, now! (30 min)

The Whole Word

Spoken at creation, written in the scriptures, codified in law, personified in Jesus, internalised by the faithful, glorified in transformation, and never returning empty. Sermon message "The Whole Word" shared by John Klassek, elder, Church of God (Seventh Day) in Western Australia. (27 min)

The Holy Spirit

Calvin Burrell shared a brief history of the Holy Spirit over the past 2000 years, and then he explored the theology of the Holy Spirit, truth versus mis-conceptions, and errors and excesses, A knowledgeable and experienced insight. (70 min)

Certain Hope

Do you know the difference? Are you "certain" or "uncertain" about the things you hope for? (16 min)

Fellowship in the Word

"Fellowship in the Word", presented by John Klassek (Australia), and translated into Spanish by John Barrera (Mexico), (37 min)

Lordship of Christ

Authority of Scripture, Lordship of Christ. Does this define your walk with God? In fact, does this describe your local church?

Kindness & Gentleness

Final in this series on the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. Are you kind and gentle? Are these qualities desirable, or are they sissy and weak? Find out! (20 min)


Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual gifts: glorifying God and blessing others. (35 min)

Why Jesus?

Why is Jesus so interested in us, and how and why should we respond? House Church message. (27 min)

Riches in Christ

What did the church at Laodicea and the Pharisees have in common? Discover the surprising answer! (32 min)


A closer look at one of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit: Peace. (30 min)

The words of Jesus for today's generation.